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SOWIC Academy Sessions 2018

Dynamic Teaching for Students with Significant Challenges
February 27, 2018

Dynamic is defined as "constantly moving forward" - This professional growth presentation, primarily offered for those teachers of students with moderate to severe challenges will provide basic, pragmatic suggestions and ideas for dynamic teaching of this student population. An overview of basic behavioral data collection for this population, promoting independent task completion, functional and life skills and facilitating leisure activities are examples of topics that will be covered.

A+B=C: Easy ABA for the Classroom
March 20, 2018

The who, what, why, when, and how of the foundations of ABA will be addressed in this presentation. The presenters will provide a basic overview as well as multiple examples of those methods reflective of ABA that are naturally, easily and when used consistently, effectively incorporated into everyday teaching of students. Although the target audience are those educational professionals working with students with challenges that interfere with natural learning, ABA is a tool that is used by all in promoting the best learning, behavior and appropriate responsiveness for all learners.



Who: All Staff (District Employees and SOWIC Employees)
Where: SOWIC Main Office
1207 N. Larkin Ave, Joliet
Cost: FREE, CPDUs provided
Call 815-741-7777



SOWIC Spotlight is selection process that has been developed out of a desire to highlight the exceptional efforts of individuals working within SOWIC.   Such individuals stand out among their peers not only for the successful execution of their work assignments, but also because of their dedication, creativity, and actions toward improving services provided to students and families within the cooperative. 

To nominate a SOWIC Staff Member, click on the link and complete the form:


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